Cabo Verde has a new Business Registration Information System

5 December 2018

The Commercial Registry Information System (SIRC) will make the lives of citizens and businesses easier and improve the business environment in Cabo Verde (Cape Verde), Justice and Labour Minister Janine Lélis said on Monday in Praia.

The SIRC, which is the result of computerisation of the country’s commercial and automobile registries underway in São Vicente and Sal, will reduce the time it takes to set up companies not covered by the company in a day scheme to three days.

Lélis stressed that this system will increase legal certainty, restore the coherence of the system, placing registry services at the centre of the country’s economic development, according to the Inforpress news agency.

This system, launched in April 2017 as part of the project for the reform of the Commercial and Automotive Registration Information System (SIRCA), aims to integrate the different stages of the life cycle of companies, from their founding, operation and extinction, through computerisation of all the processes that require commercial registration.

The Commercial Registry Code and the Automobile Registration Code was also presented at the same ceremony.

The reform of these two codes is financed by the programme to support improvement of the quality and proximity of public services of the Portuguese-speaking African countries (PALOP) and Timor-Leste (East Timor), which is co-financed by the European Union. (macauhub)