Jiangsu-Macau Cooperation Park takes Chief Executive Chui Sai On to Nanjing

13 December 2018

The joint construction of the “Jiangsu-Macau Cooperation Park” is an important milestone not only for economic diversification but also for long-term sustainable development in Macau, said the territory’s Chief Executive.

Chui Sai On, heading a government delegation from Macau, arrived in Nanjing, in China’s Jiangsu Province, on Wednesday to discuss the work involved in the next stage of construction of the park.

The Chief Executive said at a meeting with the provincial governor, Wu Zhenglong, that in the long run the Park is very important for the development of Macau, as it reinforces the diversification of the economy and integration in regional cooperation and, as a result, sustainable development.

Chui said he intended to take advantage of the visit to go the city of Changzhou once again, which was selected for the construction of the “Jiangsu-Macau Cooperation Park,” in order to find out about the current status of the project.

He also expressed his full willingness to respond to the needs of Jiangsu Province in order to carry out work together and said that after the approval of the ministries and commissions of the Central Government, it would be possible to start the next stage.

The Chief Executive said that, given Macau’s position as a service platform for trade cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries, the industries to be developed in the Park could be studied and negotiated together to move forward with their projects.

Governor Wu Zhenglong recalled on the occasion that the Jiangsu and Macau authorities signed the Memorandum on Joint Construction of the Jiangsu-Macau Cooperation Park in 2016, and the promotion of the work itself began last year. (macauhub)