Municipality of Porto Novo, Cabo Verde, intends to be included in a Chinese-Cape Verdean project

27 December 2018

The municipality of Porto Novo, in Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) , through tourism and agriculture, could be included in the project of the Special Economic Zone of Maritime Economy (ZEEEM) of São Vicente, the area’s Mayor said on Wednesday.

Anibal Fonseca also said that the municipal council is “working hard” so that this area can be part of the project for the island of Santo Antao, which is being prepared by a team of Chinese and Cape Verdean specialists.

The mayor, who recently visited China as part of the Special Economic Zone of Maritime Economy of São Vicente, gave assurances that he is doing everything possible to “include” Porto Novo in this project, located in São Vicente, but which will have an impact throughout the northern region of Cape Verde.

The presidents of the chambers of the island of Santo Antão have already asked the government to take into account the second phase of the expansion of the Port of Porto Novo, in order to allow the island of Santo Antao to become a stop on cruise tourism routes.

The government also believes that with the construction of the São Vicente cruise terminal, which has already secured financing, this type of tourism will be “an important market” for Santo Antão, which could receive up to 20% of the ships that stop in Mindelo.

The port, which underwent expansion and modernisation work in 2010, now has 245 metres of mooring berth with capacity to receive medium-sized cruise ships and yachts.

Last April, a team from China visited the city of Mindelo to prepare the first phase of planning for the São Vicente Special Economic Area of Maritime Economy.

The China team was made up of 17 experts, with representatives of “large companies” from China, according to the Inforpress news agency, which added that the Cabo Verde team was made up of technicians from the National Institute of Land Management, the Ministries of Finance, of Foreign Affairs, of the Maritime Economy, and of Tourism and Transport.