European citizens exempt from visas for visits to Cabo Verde of up to 30 days

2 January 2019

The short-stay visa (30 days) to enter Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) will no longer be used, as of Wednesday, by citizens of 32 European countries.

The list includes all 28 countries that are part of the European Union plus four others that are not part of the Union, namely Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein.

The Cape Verdean government has already announced its intention to extend the visa waiver to Monaco, San Marino and Andorra.

With this measure, the Cape Verdean Government intends to increase competitiveness in the tourism sector and double the number of tourists visiting the country, which is currently around 700,000 a year.

Tourism is the sector that has contributed most to Cabo Verde’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), with around 20%, and Europe is where more than 80% of tourists visiting Cabo Verde come from.

Cape Verde’s entry visa exemption for European citizens for stays of up to 30 days was announced in April 2017.

In the meantime, the Government has created an Airport Security Tax (TSA), paid by all foreign citizens who land in Cabo Verde or are travelling between the islands and by Cape Verdeans on inter-island travel.

Holders of a Cape Verdean passport, children under two years of age, passengers who, on official missions, arrive on aircraft at the private service of the Cape Verdean State or a foreign State, on a reciprocal basis, are exempt from payment.

On national flights, TSA costs 1.50 Cape Verdean escudos (about 1.36 euros) to all passengers (domestic and foreign), who are charged at the time their ticket is issued.

For international flights, the fee is 3,400 escudos (about 30.86 euros) for foreign passengers, charged through a web platform for pre-registration of foreign passengers. (macauhub)