Angola’s population estimated at almost 68 million people in 2050

3 January 2019

The population of Angola is expected to reach 67.92 million people in the year 2050, according to the Angolan Population Projection for the 2014-2050 period resulting from the General Population and Housing Census conducted by INE in 2014.

The data released by INE shows that in 2050 the population of Angola will be made up of 33.54 million males and 34.38 million females.

By 2019 the projection is that the population of the country will be 30.17 million people, with 14.69 million males.

INE also reported that it expects Angola to have ended 2018 with a population of 29.25 million people, of which 14.22 million are male.

The figures for each province and their municipalities can be found in the document posted on the INE Portal at ( (macauhub)