World Bank finances repair of São Tomé and Príncipe’s main highway

21 January 2019

The World Bank will provide São Tomé and Príncipe with US$27 million to finance the repair of the road linking São Tomé and Neves, in the district of Lemba, along a 27-kilometre route, the STP-Press news agency reported.

The engineering and socio-environmental impact studies were published on Friday during a public consultation session on the road repair project, which is expected to start next July.

The road between São Tomé and Neves is considered to be the main road in the country.Neves is where Rosema, the only beer factory in the country, is located as well as the location of fuel deposits arriving in the archipelago from abroad, for distribution across São Tomé at a later time.

Last week, World Bank regional director Elisabeth Huybens said her institution would donate US$10 million to São Tomé and Principe to help finance the construction of a tourism school.

The regional director’s visit was intended to ensure the strategy of engagement and partnership between the World Bank and São Tomé and Principe, taking into account the priorities of the new government of the archipelago, which took office just over a month ago. (macauhub)