Inflation rate in Macau in 2018 rises to 3.01%

23 January 2019

The inflation rate registered in Macau in 2018 reached 3.01%, which was an increase of 1.78 percentage points compared with 2017, when inflation totalled 1.23%, according to the region’s Statistics and Census Bureau.

Growth was driven mainly by rising prices of meals purchased outside the home, rents, meter tariffs for public parking spaces, school fees, male and female clothing prices, and gasoline prices.

The Statistics and Census Bureau also reported that the highest growth rates were recorded in the Apparel and Footwear (+6.57%), Transport (+5.32%), Health (+4.80%) and Education (+4.76%) categories.

The annual rate of change in prices rose by 2.94%, a decrease of 0.18 points compared with the value recorded in November. (macauhub)