Heritage Foundation rates Macau as Asia’s 9th freest economy

28 January 2019

Macao is the 9th freest economy in the Asia-Pacific region, followed by Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan, according to the classification granted by the american Heritage Foundation.

The Economic Freedom Index of 2019 gives Macao an assessment of 71.0 points, higher than the 70.9 registered in the Index 2018, which is well above the average level in world and regional terms, with 60.8 and 60, 6 points respectively, ranking 34th in relation to the 180 classified global economic systems.

The Heritage Foundation’s 2019 Index presents the best indicators of the financial stability, government expenditure, freedom of trade, investment freedom, fiscal burden, monetary freedom and financial freedom, among others. .

The indicator of the 12 analyzed with the highest classification is fiscal health, with a maximum of 100 possible points, appearing at the opposite extreme the integrity of the government with only 33.2 points.

The Macao section of the Heritage Foundation’s report for the year 2019 can be found at the following e-mail address: https://www.heritage.org/index/pdf/2019/countries/macau.pdf. (macauhub)