Mozambique saves US$240 million with the elimination of 30,000 “phantom” civil servants

31 January 2019

Mozambique will save 15 billion meticais or US$240 million by eliminating 30,000 “phantom” public employees from its payrolls, said the Director of Planning and Cooperation of the Ministry of State Administration and the Civil Service.

Cândida Moiane also told the Lusa news agency that this figure represents the financial implications of the results of the proof of life requirement, revealed in 2018, which led to the correction of charges to the State.

The payment of salaries to these phantom employees was stopped in August 2018, she added, pointing out cases where salaries were paid to three people who were, in fact, a single person.

Among the irregularities in the payroll, there were employees with irregular contractual ties, wrongly attributed professions and wages, as a result of “internal contracting schemes.”

“There are situations that are being corrected” and others in which investigations are underway to find those responsible, said Moiane, adding that the “Mozambican state currently has 366,000 employees on its staff.” (macauhub)