Entry visa validity for foreigners in Angola increases to a maximum of 365 days

15 February 2019

The validity of the entry visa for foreigners in Angola this year will increase to 120 or 365 days, compared with the current period of 60 days, said the head of the department of standards production of the legal office of the Migration and Foreigners Service.

Katiana Vitoriano said that the measure, intended to extend the period foreign citizens can remain in the country and to encourage foreign investments, comes into force when the new legal diploma on foreigners in Angola, approved by the National Assembly, is published in the country’s official gazette, Diário da República.

“Under the new legal regime, the validity of the entry visa varies from 120 to one year (365 days), that is, the citizen can enter the territory at any time within this period without any limitation while the visa is valid,” she said, according to the Angop news agency.

Vitoriano said that the Investor Visa will no longer have a privileged status and that, as the new law comes into force, and everyone having the right to an Investor VIsa with the possibility of transferring it to a residence permit after the period ends.

Under the new law the Investor Visa will allow applicants to enter and leave Angola, bring their family, and send for their business partners who may also have right to the same visa, she said. (macauhub)