Cimenfort to install cement plant in Cabinda, Angola

18 February 2019

The chairman of Cimenfort’s Board of Directors, Paul Heng, announced that a cement plant with capacity to produce 350 tonnes per year will be installed in the Fútila Industrial Complex in Cabinda, Angola this year.


The plant n Cabinda will be installed in an area of 51 hectares and will create 150 new direct jobs.


Heng said that the new plant belongs to the Cimenfort group (Cimento Forte) which is based in Catumbela, Benguela province.


The head of Cimenfort said he was sure that once the plant started to operate, Cabinda would no longer need to import cement from neighbouring countries.


The installed capacity of the cement plants in Luanda, namely CIF, is 3.8 million tonnes per year, while at Nova Cimangola it is around 1.8 million tonnes per year.


In the province of Kwanza-Sul, FKCS produces 1.35 million tonnes of cement per year.


In Benguela province the two plants operated by Secil Lobito have a production of 300,000 tonnes per year and Cimenfort produces 750,000 tonnes per year.


Angola´s annual cement production totals 8 million tonnes. (macauhub)