Mozambican government closes company that built Maputo-Katembe bridge

20 February 2019

The Mozambican government has announced the termination of Maputo-Sul, a company that promoted and managed the construction of the Maputo-Katembe bridge, the roads connecting Maputo to the Ponta D’Ouro border, Boane to Bela Vista, and the Maputo ring road, the Mozambican state news agency AIM reported.

The decision was announced by the government’s spokeswoman, Ana Comoana, after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, which took place in Maputo.

According to the Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources, Osvaldo Machatine, the works are almost complete, so it does not make sense to keep the company open.

“As these developments, especially this one that led to the creation of the company, related to the Maputo-Katembe bridge and connecting roads, has come to an end… we think it’s time to extinguish this company,” explained Machatine.

The bridge was inaugurated on 10 November, 2018 by the President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi.

According to Machatine, “the next challenge is the maintenance and management of the infrastructure, including assistance to resettlement districts, which were created during the implementation of the works.”

Maputo-Sul had a staff of 107 people, of which 70% are already operating the three tollbooths in the network, on the Maputo-Ketembe bridge, the Maputo river bridge, in Salamanga, Matutuíne district , and on the bridge over the river Incomati, in the district of Marracuene. All the bridges are located in the southern province of Maputo.

The minister said the National Roads Administration (ANE) and the Roads Fund were the state institutions that must ensure the management of these facilities.

Construction of the Maputo-Katembe bridge and connecting roads started in June 2014, costing US$785 million, of which 95% was provided by China’s Exim Bank and the remaining amount by the Mozambican government.

The Maputo ring road, which is about 74 kilometres long, includes the city of Maputo and Marracuene. The road connecting the municipal district of Katembe to Ponta D’Ouro covers a distance of around 170 kilometres. (macauhub)