Plan outlines improvements in public transport in Luanda, Angola, by 2030

22 February 2019

Eighty percent of the population of Luanda will have convenient access to public rail transport by 2030, said Neusa Inglês, from the Angolan Ministry of Land Planning and Housing.


Inglês gave a speech at the 1st International Conference on Mobility under the theme “The Luanda General Master Plan as an Instrument to Support Urban Mobility.”


Luanda’s General Master Plan for 2015/2030 will allow the construction of 207 kilometres of suburban train line and 44 kilometres for the high-speed train, in order to reduce pressure from car traffic on the future road network.


Under the Master Plan, more than 5 million daily trips will be provided by a public transport system.


The plan also outlines new lines for maritime passenger transport on catamarans, rail corridors such as the Camama railway corridor, duplication of the Bungo-Catete rail link, the North-South rail link and the future rail link to the new airport.


A light surface railway for Luanda province and the Cacuaco maritime terminal are also included in these studies.


The current population of Luanda is 8 million but this is projected to increase to 13 million in the next 15 years.


Also during the conference, the director of the provincial office of Transport, Transit and Urban Mobility, Amadeu Campos said Luanda needs 1,00 buses and to increase the bus routes on offer.


Luanda currently has a fleet of 213 buses, run by four companies, one of which is public, offering 54 routes.(macauhub)