Sale of fish in Angola to be reorganised

19 March 2019

The reorganisation of the sale of fish in Angola through auctions or warehouses is being drawn up between the Ministry of Fisheries and the Sea and the Ministry of Trade and fishing sector operators, Minister Maria Antonieta Baptista said on Monday in the city of Benguela.

The Minister of Fisheries and the Sea, who travelled to the province to assess fishing sector facilities, said that some guidelines had been set out to apply the reorganisation of the sales chain.

In a closed-door meeting held at the Regional Inspection Centre, Baptista heard the main concerns of fishing associations and salt producers, including those related to licensing of trawlers, which then fish for other species.

Arnaldo de Vasconcelos, president of the Fisheries Association, said that what had recently occurred in the sector “is unacceptable,” especially in relation to the licensing of vessels, adding that “boats of 800 tons gross tonnage were even licensed, which is unacceptable.”

Vasconcelos regretted that in recent years the principles of sustainability of the different species have been neglected because trawlers have been licensed to catch pelagic fish, which has led to horse mackerel stocks falling to critical levels. (Macauhub)