Taiwanese municipal governor plans to strengthen cooperation with Macau

25 March 2019

The governor of Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Municipality, Han Kuo-yu, said on Saturday in Macau he was convinced that there is great potential for cooperation between the two cities.

During a meeting with the Macau Chief Executive, Chui Sai On, during which ideas were exchanged on the strengthening of contacts between the two cities in the areas of the economy, trade, culture, and tourism, Han Kuo-yu mentioned the agricultural products of that municipality as one of the potential elements of cooperation.

Chui Sai On recalled that the “General Planning Guidelines for the Development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay” had recently been issued by the State Council, which more clearly define the role of the territory in the strategy for national development, and also highlight Macau as an important city in the “Belt and Road” initiative.

As it is a central city within the Greater Bay project, the development of Macau has found a new room, more opportunities, and dynamism.

Chui Sai On said that Macau and Taiwan have a deep historical relationship, with close contact in terms of people, exchanges and cooperation in various sectors.

Furthermore, as the two territories have their own characteristics and advantages, the prospects for cooperation are wide-ranging, and the Government of the Macau Special Administrative Region will continue actively to promote the development of friendly relations among their people and strengthen the well-being of their populations.

During his stay in Macau, Han Kuo-yu met with the director of the Central Government Liaison Office in Macau, Fu Ziying, who considered Macau may be a bridge in relations between the southern Taiwanese city and Mainland China.

Fu said Taiwan’s businesspeople should seize the opportunities created by the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay.

During the visit to Macau by Han Kuo-yu, Macau companies signed 27 contracts for the purchase of agricultural and fishery products valued at 188 million patacas. (Macauhub)