Operation Transparency at Sea in Angola will remove illegal fishing vessels

27 March 2019

“Operation Transparency at Sea” will make most of the vessels fishing illegally in Angola’s territorial waters leave, said the Minister of Fisheries and the Sea, during a meeting with operators in Moçâmedes.

Maria Antonieta Baptista, quoted by Angolan state newspaper Jornal de Angola, said that the operation, which began on Monday in Luanda, will reduce the activity of trawlers between the 15th and 17th parallels, which should result in a slight improvement of catches.

The president of the Namibe Fisheries Association, Jorge Hilário, denounced the existence of trawlers who engage in illegal fishing in territorial waters and expressed concern about the granting of licenses that, he said, have also created disruptions to fishing activity.

On Saturday, the Minister of Fisheries and the Sea delivered two boats to improve maritime surveillance in the Tômbwa and Lucira commune, north of Namibe, as part of “Operation Transparency at Sea,” and another recently refurbished vessels is also due to be added to this fleet.

The operation involves more than 50 vessels and five helicopters equipped with technology to neutralise, in a timely manner, any anomaly on the Angolan coast.

Operation spokesman António Bernardo said the aim was to combat illegal transhipment and sale of fuel, possible trafficking of human beings, illegal immigration, capital flight, illegal fishing and tax evasion at sea.

“Operation Transparency” was initially launched on land in seven provinces – Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Malanje, Moxico, Bie, Uige and Zaire – and has been progressively extended to the entire country. (Macauhub)