Agro-industrial projects in Angola to be privatised through public tender

10 April 2019

The launch of the public tender for the privatisation of agro-industrial companies founded in Angola using state funds will take place in April, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry announced in Luanda.

Marcos Nhunga, speaking to Angolan National Radio, said that the process of assessing the cost of these projects is being finalised at the Ministry of Finance, which will enable the process to proceed.

“I believe that within 15 to 20 days the valuation process will be completed and the respective tender can be launched,” said the minister, quoted by daily newspaper Jornal de Angola.

In October 2018, President João Lourenço authorised the launch of a public tender for the privatisation of 24 agro-industrial companies, a measure designed to promote the private sector and reduce the state’s weight in the economy.

Six of the companies that will be the object of an international public tender and, according to presidential dispatch no. 132/18, of 1 October, are Fazenda do Longa (province of Cuando Cubango), Cuimba (Zaire), Camacupa (Bié), Sanza Pombo (Uíje), Camaiangala (Moxico) and Manquete (Cunene).

Another decree of 3 October specifies the remaining 18 projects to be privatised include seven silo complexes, four slaughterhouses, three cold stores, one canning factory and three processing units (one for tomatoes, one for bananas and one for tomatoes and bananas). (Macauhub)