Angola looks to attract investment at an economic forum in Guangzhou

16 April 2019

The Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone and its potential were the themes for a presentation to Chinese businesspeople during the Angola-China Investment Forum held in Guangzhou, the capital of China’s Guangdong province, according to official information.

During the Forum, held last Saturday, the president of the Luanda-Bengo SEZ, António Henriques da Silva, said that the zone, with an area of 178,000 hectares, was progressing in terms of factory installation, including plants for metallic products, agricultural and energy equipment, among others.

“The Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone has abundant mineral resources, a young workforce, a good geographic location, low transport and logistics costs, and a national consumer market estimated at around 30 million people, which are our competitive advantages,” he said.

The Luanda-Bengo SEZ is a state-owned, comprising 21 flexible reserves, seven of which are industrial, six agricultural and eight mining, distributed among the municipalities of Viana (8,000 hectares), Cacuaco (20,000 hectares) and Icolo e Bengo (30,000 hectares), in the province of Luanda, and in the municipalities of Dande and Ambriz (total of 120,000 hectares), in the province of Bengo.

The Government of Angola, through the State Assets and Investments Management Institute (IGAPE), is in the process of selling seven companies in that SEZ, which has already attracted the interest of over 60 national and international investors, the latter from Portugal and Spain.

Investment opportunities in Angola were also presented at the forum in Guangzhou, in a presentation by the president of Angolan Private Investment Agency for Export (Aipex), Licínio Contreiras.

The Angolan delegation, which visited the city for the spring edition of the Guangzhou Fair, held from 15 to 19 April, paid a visit to the Foshan Industrial Park, which occupies an area of 600 square kilometres. (Macauhub)