Mass market overtakes VIP segment in Macau casinos

18 April 2019

Macau’s casino gaming mass market overtook the VIP segment in the first quarter of 2019, providing gross revenue of 38.994 billion patacas, according to figures released by the Macau Gaming, Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ).

The figures released by the DICJ showed that the VIP segment, traditionally the most important casino game in Macau, had gross revenues of 37.208 billion patacas or US$4.651 billion.

However, while the VIP segment refers exclusively to baccarat, the mass market includes baccarat, which generated gross revenue of 29.879 billion patacas, as well as several other games, such as roulette, blackjack, “Cussec” and gaming machines.

Gross revenue from all types of games, which also include horse racing, Chinese and instant lotteries and sports lotteries, reached 76.371 billion patacas or US$9.546 billion in the first quarter.

Revenue from non-gambling types of game provided gross revenue of 219 million patacas or 0.28% of total revenue. (Macauhub)