Chui Sai On discusses Macau’s role in Belt and Road

26 April 2019

Macau should take advantage of the opportunities offered by the construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative to deepen cultural and human exchanges and promote understanding among people through the creation of an exchange platform, the region’s Chief Executive said on Thursday in Beijing.

Chui Sai On made the remarks during an integrated debate at the 2nd “Belt and Road” Forum for International Cooperation, which runs from 25 to 27 April in the Chinese capital.

“Macau is a city with historical features and cultural importance, which, with Chinese culture as the predominant one, preserves the harmonious coexistence of diverse cultures,” he said.

The Macau Chief Executive also restated Macau’s commitment to the construction of the World Tourism and Leisure Centre and recalled that cooperation in the field of tourism will be an integral part of the “Belt and Road” initiative and an effective way to strengthen dialogue and the friendship between the peoples of the countries involved in the initiative.

“Macau, as one of the cities of China that opened itself up to the outside earlier, is a city renowned for its history and culture, characterised by the interchange between Chinese and Western cultures. Diversity, which is one of the peculiarities of Macau culture, and the traditional values of harmony and integration of society, are solid proof of the spirit of the Silk Road,” Chui said.

The Chief Executive also said that Macau will focus on the development of the traditional Chinese medicine sector by stimulating its modernisation, standardisation and internationalisation.

Chui Sai On added that Macau will use the relations between communities living in Macau and its personal networks in more than 60 countries to create cooperation bridges and announced that it will launch “Belt and Road” study grants and establish privileged relationships with twin cities and Portuguese-speaking countries. (Macauhub)