Companies from China are willing to raise funds for construction projects in Mozambique

26 April 2019

Chinese companies are willing to raise funds to finance development projects in Mozambique, as long as they fall under the government’s annual or five-year plans, said the Minister of Transport and Communications in Beijing.

Carlos Mesquita, quoted by the AIM news agency, also said that the Mozambican delegation that visited China had noticed a change in the attitude of Chinese companies regarding the development of projects in Mozambique.

“Business leaders are no longer waiting to get funding for project implementation based on bilateral cooperation agreements between the two countries,” he said.

The Mozambican minister made statements regarding Wednesday’s signing of two memoranda of understanding between the Mozambican government and the China Construction and Communications Company (CCCC) for the development of infrastructure projects.

Under these memoranda, the minister said, Chinese companies will run a diverse range of projects, ranging from dams, such as the Mugeba Dam, in the province of Zambezia, railway lines, telecommunications, ports and roads, so that “there is an effective integration of Mozambique into the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.”

The China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) is one of the subsidiaries of the CCCC that already operates in Mozambique, having executed important works such as the Maputo-Catembe Bridge and the Maputo Circular road.

Mozambican news agency AIM said the list of projects included National Road Number Six (EN6), between Beira and Machipanda (on the border with Zimbabwe), severely hit by Cyclone Idai, as well as EN1 linking the south, centre and north of the country, but with some sections in critical condition. (Macauhub)