Government of the Brazilian state of Ceará seeks investments in China

30 April 2019

Investments in logistics infrastructure projects in the Brazilian state of Ceará were analysed at a meeting held on Monday in Beijing at the headquarters of the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), the Brazilian government said.

The meeting was attended by state governor Camilo Santana, on the penultimate day of his visit to China, with CCCC vice-president Sun Ziyu, other directors of the CCCC and special advisor on International Affairs, Cesar Ribeiro.

“The Pecém Industrial and Port Complex has grown a lot and, after attracting new companies, we need to provide Ceará with an infrastructure that is suitable to receive the projects, and that is precisely what we intend to find in China,” said the governor.

During his visit to China, Santana has signed agreements relating to four other areas considered strategic for the government of Ceará – Health, Safety, Education and Infrastructure.

One such agreement was established last week in Beijing with the China Meheco Corporation, under which this group will provide equipment to hospitals in Ceará, set up companies in the state and develop health technologies.

The delegation of Ceará is due on Tuesday to conclude its trip to China with a working meeting at the facilities of the Huawei group, the world’s largest supplier of network and telecommunications equipment, in Shenzhen. (Macauhub)