Investments by Chinese companies in Brazil have been focused on the electricity sector since 2014

8 May 2019

Investments made by Chinese companies in Brazil have been concentrated in the electricity production and transmission sectors since 2014, according to the Foreign Investment Bulletin of Selected Countries from the Executive Office of the Chamber of Foreign Trade (Camex).

The bulletin, the first prepared by the Executive Office of the Presidency of the Republic, points out that in the period between 2010 and 2013 direct investment by Chinese companies was focused on projects related to mining activity and extracting oil and gas.

The same document said that for investments confirmed in the period from 2003 to the first quarter of 2019, projects by companies from the United States were ranked first among the five countries considered – China, USA, France, Italy and Japan – with a total of 478 projects, or 41% of the total.

Japan ranked second with 268 projects or 23% of the total, with China appearing fourth with 152 projects or 13%, after France with 201 projects and 17% of the total.

However, based on the value of the projects, China comes first, with US$71.293 billion or 38% of the total invested.

The bulletin from Camex said this figure reflects the size of the projects, “which in turn is related to the sectors the resources are focused on.” (Macauhub)