Angola protects marine species by reducing fishing quotas

28 May 2019

Catching fish in the current fishing campaign in Angola is expected to see an estimated reduction of around 30% for a total of 230,000 tonnes, said the national director of Fisheries.

António Barradas said that the reduction of approved fishing quotas aims to prevent the extinction of marine species and halt the increase in unemployment among operators.

The Ministry of Fisheries and the Sea expects that 150,000 tonnes of sardines and 80,000 horse mackerel will be caught, 50,000 tonnes of which will be Cunene horse mackerel and 30,000 will be Cape horse mackerel.

The National Director of Fisheries said that for other species, such as dentex, seabream and grouper, there will be a ban from May to July, a measure already applied from January to February for surface shrimp.

The decision to reduce catches was also due to the fact that in 2018 the scientific research cruise was not carried out due to a lack of vessels to determine the situation of marine species.

The Angolan authorities have licensed 499 companies and 80 industrial and semi-industrial vessels since last March. (Macauhub)