UN supports economic and social projects in Angola

18 June 2019

The United Nations has provided US$284 million to finance economic and social projects in Angola within the framework of the sustainable development cooperation for 2020-2022, announced United Nations coordinator Paolo Balladelli.


According to the Angop news agency, Paolo Balladelli said that the relationship with bilateral partners will allow a further 50% of this value to be provided during the three years for the financing of projects linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2020 -2030.


Balladelli, who spoke at the end of the meeting to present the priorities, within the framework of Angola-United Nations cooperation, focused on sustainable development in 2020/2022, said financing was the main factor for the eradication of poverty, hunger, and to improve health, education, and economic transformation, among other actions.


In addition to funding, he noted the importance of the work that the 18 United Nations agencies are going to carry out in Angola, with the aim of strengthening national institutions and building national capacities.


Regarding the partnership between Angola and the United Nations, he said that there had been progress in social projects (education and health), but added that it was important to improve the capacity to achieve social welfare. (Macauhub)