Candidate for head of Macau government wants to strengthen relations with Portuguese-speaking countries

19 June 2019

The candidate for Head of Government of Macau Ho Iat Seng on Tuesday called for the strengthening of cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries through Macau, as there is still a lot of room to develop these relations.


Speaking during the presentation of his candidacy Ho Iat Seng stressed that cooperation has to be in both directions and noted the “golden age” in the relationship between Portugal and China.


Portuguese-speaking countries have many resources that can and should be used, but bilateral or multilateral cooperation must also be intensified, he said.


Ho Iat Seng also stressed that the next Macau government should intensify the development of these relations because Macau has the advantage of living under the “one country, two systems” principle.


In presenting his electoral manifesto, the candidate also said that the “next government should do more work,” in order to intensify the growth of relations between China, Macau and Portuguese-speaking countries.


Ho Iat Seng was elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly (LA) of Macau in 2009, when he was also nominated for the post of vice president of the LA and, four years later, in 2013, to the position of president of that legislative body.


Until last April he was one of the 175 members of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China.


The candidate is a director and general manager of Sociedade Industrial Ho Tin S.A.R.L, chairman of the board of directors of Companhia de Investimento e Desenvolvimento Ho Tin, and director and general manager of the Fábrica de Artigos de Plástico Hip Va.


A former member of the 13th NPC Standing Committee, he has until now been a member of the LA, vice president of the Macau Trade Association and life president of the Macau Industrial Association.