Chinese company BYD increases operations in Brazil

20 June 2019

Chinese company BYD (Build Your Dreams) is building a solar power farm in Araçatuba, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, to supply power to factories in the Brazilian state.


The project is part of the increase in operations in Brazil of the world’s largest manufacturer of auto-electric vehicles, which is headquartered in the Shenzhen economic zone, in China, near the Hong Kong border.


The Chinese company also produces batteries, solar panels and other energy solutions.


Adalberto Maluf, sustainability director of BYD in Brazil said at the “StartSe Innovation Day” meeting in São Paulo that BYD will build two more factories in order to reduce the import of essential products from China.


“Later this year, the company should start work on a lithium battery factory and, by 2022, start manufacturing cells for batteries and solar panels.” said Maluf.


BYD established itself in Campinas, in the State of São Paulo, in 2014, when it set up a research unit.


In 2016, BYD inaugurated a chassis assembly line for electric buses and, the following year, a photovoltaic solar panel plant.


Several cities in Brazil use BYD electric vehicles in their bus fleets. They include São Paulo, Campinas, Santos, Brasilia, Volta Redonda and Bauru. In Curitiba, some buses of the BRT (fast transit) are manufactured by the Chinese company.


In 2018, BYD was awarded its first contract for a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Brazil. The project, carried out in Salvador by the Government of the State of Bahia, will create a LRV (Light Rail Vehicle) network in the metropolitan region of the capital. (Macauhub)