Angola launches international tender to privatise farming estates

21 June 2019

The State Management and Participation Institute (IGAPE) of Angola has launched an international tender for the privatisation of four farms in July.


The Longa farm and the Cuimba agro-industrial farm, as well as the Camaiangala and Sanza Pombo Agricultural Development Projects, located in the provinces of Kwando Kubango, Zaire, Moxico and Uíge, respectively, will be the first in a broader package of privatisations.


The head of the privatisation department of the State Assets and Assets Management Institute (IGAPE), Ana Paulo, said that the reference prices of these are between US$22 and US$35 million.


The Angolan state could raise about US$110 million with the privatisation of the four estates.


Engineer Carlos Paim of the Angolan Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry said that all the farms are currently at a standstill, despite having previously been in operation, with the capacity to restart their activity immediately while the bidding process is underway.


In a second phase, 17 other companies involving industrial and modular slaughterhouses, tomato concentrate factories and cold stores in different regions of Angola will be put up for tender.


IGAPE noted that the 17 companies include the industrial slaughterhouses in Camabatela, Porto Amboim and modular slaughterhouses in Luanda and Malanje, the tomato concentrate factories in Caxito, Dombe Grande (where a cold store will also be privatised) and Namibe, as well as silo complexes in the agricultural regions of Caconda, Caála, Catabola, Catete and Ganda.


Together, these units total 43,284 hectares, 18,384.8 of them of productive area, 1,200 hectares of irrigated area, and 52 premises, along with 152 kilometres of roads. (Macauhub)