150 professionals from Cabo Cape Verde to undergo training this year in China

25 June 2019

One hundred and fifty professionals from Cabo Verde will visit China this year to take part in training seminars promoted by the International Training Centre and the Chinese Ministry of Trade, the Chinese ambassador to Cabo Verde said.

The information was forwarded to the Inforpress news agency by Ambassador Du Xiaocong following a meeting with previous beneficiaries of these annual seminars covering professionals from different countries.

Police officers, military personnel, journalists, economists, salespeople, computer and health technicians and civil servants are among the beneficiaries and the areas are vast, according to the ambassador.

A delegation from the Ministry of Trade last week visited Capo Verde where it met with former seminar recipients for a conversation about their stay in China and their experiences as well as to collect subsidies to improve the courses.

The evaluation, according to Du Xiaocong, is “globally positive”, and this year the seminars will start later but, similarly to previous years, will benefit about 150 Cape Verdean professionals.

In addition to short-term seminars (three weeks to three months), China offers scholarships for undergraduate, masters and doctoral courses. (Macauhub)