Indebtedness of Portugal’s non-financial sector reaches a new record in April

27 June 2019

The level of indebtedness of Portugal’s non-financial sector reached a new record in April 2019, standing at 727.0 billion euros, the Portuguese central bank said in a statement released on Wednesday.

The Bank of Portugal, which reported that the debt registered that month increased by 2.6 billion euros compared to March, said that of that total 326.1 billion euros were related to the public sector and 400.9 billion euros to the private sector.

The April increase in monthly terms was due to an increase of 2.8 billion euros in public sector indebtedness, which was partially offset by a 0.2 billion drop in private sector indebtedness.

The indebtedness of the non-financial sector at the end of April represented about 358.08% of Gross Domestic Product, currently estimated at 200 billion euros. (Macauhub)