Privatisation programme in Angola covers more than 190 public companies

27 June 2019

The Angolan government will privatise more than 190 public companies, 32 of them major national companies, through the Stock Exchange, the deputy coordinator of the privatisation technical committee of the Ministry of Finance said on Wednesday in Luanda.

Patrício Vilares, speaking on the sidelines of the meeting of the Economic Commission of the Council of Ministers, said that the process of privatisation of public companies is already underway and complies with the rules and criteria established by law.

“The privatisation programme is aimed at improving the productive sector, and aims to take hold of the companies that have the greatest impact on the economy and give them competitive conditions,” he said.

The deputy coordinator revealed that companies from the agricultural, industrial, tourist, financial and mining sectors and from transport and telecommunications will be privatised.

The Economic Commission approved the privatisation programme, a document that identifies public or publicly-owned enterprises to be privatised in order to reduce state intervention in the economy as a direct producer of goods and services and to promote the private initiative, foreign investment and knowledge acquisition. (Macauhub)