14th China/Portuguese-speaking Countries Business Meeting counts over 100 delegates from China and Macau

More than 100 delegates from mainland China and Macau as well as representatives from Angola, Mozambique, Cabo Verde and Portugal have so far confirmed that they will attend the 14th Business Meeting between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries, to be held on 8-9 July, said an official from the organizers in São Tomé and Principe.

The figure was provided by the director of the island country’s Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ACPI), Rafael Branco, at a press conference to discuss preparations for the upcoming event. He was accompanied by other ACPI officials, namely Celina Lima, Sósimo Leal and Liudmila Leal.

After confirming that representatives from the Permanent Secretariat of Forum Macau would attend, Sósimo Leal from the ACPI promotion department said that the presence of representatives from Guinea-Bissau, Brazil and Timor-Leste was still to be confirmed, STP Press agency reports.

“We’re going to have entrepreneurs and public institutions that promote trade and investment, as well as other organisations,” said Leal, who stressed that “this event mainly aims to boost economic and trade cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries.”

Regarding the discussion panels, he highlighted the focus on one theme concerning the geo-strategic position of the market of São Tomé and Principe in Africa, which will be presented by the economist and former prime minister Maria das Neves, and on another concerning Chinese investment in Africa, to be approached by Carlos Tiny, a former São Tomé government minister.

Besides presentations on infrastructures, agriculture, fisheries, trade and services, the ACPI official also mentioned contact events meant to help match participants and companies seeking eventual partnerships in projects of common interest. (Macauhub)