Price of electricity for the industry in Angola increases 81.99%

4 July 2019

Industrial companies operating in Angola will have their electricity bill increased by 81.99% when the new Electricity Tariff System comes into force on 15 July, the Angolan press reported.

The entry into force of the new tariff, which was previously scheduled for 24 June, was postponed to 15 July “for technical and operational reasons of the institutions responsible for ensuring this procedure,” according to a statement from the Ministry of Finance.

Luís Mourão, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Regulatory Institute for Electricity and Water Services (IRSEA), recently said that the final customer, who previously paid an average of 6.05 kwanzas per kilowatt, will pay 12.82 kwanzas, an increase in all categories of 97%.

The new energy tariff for consumers in the social category – customers with reduced capacity in terms of consumption – will remain at 2.46 kwanzas per kilowatt, while for customers with consumption below 200 kilowatts the price will rise from 3 kwanzas to 6.41 kwanzas.

The readjustment was also made in the “general domestic category”, now called the “single-phase domestic category”, which includes most of Angola’s electricity consumers, from 6.53 kwanzas to 10.89 kwanzas, an increase of 66%.

For “special domestic category” customers, now called the “three-phase domestic category” – a group of higher capacity and consumption – whose price includes production and transmission, prices will rise from 7.05 kwanzas to 14.74 kwanzas.

The trade and services sector, which already paid 14 kwanzas per kilowatt, will have an increase of 5.29%, becoming part of the domestic three-phase category. (Macauhub)