Bissau organises 2020 edition of the meeting of entrepreneurs from China and Portuguese-speaking countries

Bissau was the city chosen to host the 2020 edition of the Entrepreneurs’ Meeting for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries, the Guinea-Bissau delegate at Forum Macau told Macauhub.

Malam Camara said that the decision made on Monday in São Tomé, during the Business Meeting held in this city, will support the investment efforts of the new government, which took office this month.

“This meeting will allow Guinea-Bissau to re-launch itself and create the enthusiasm we felt in 2016,” when Bissau hosted the event for the first time, at a stage of “Guinean commitment to the process of economic development,” later slowed by the government’s resignation an extended period of political stalemate, Malam said.

At the time, he added, the Bissau Meeting was part of “Terra Ranka” economic development plan, supported by the international community, and which is still underway.

The decision for Bissau to apply to organise the Meeting involved the Minister of Economy and Finance, Geraldo Martins, who “thought it would be a good start and a possibility to give the economy a boost.”

The meeting will take place in November, as the Ministerial Conference of Forum Macau will be held in mid-2020, with members of the Government, which therefore has priority.

Malam Camara said that at the meeting on Monday Bissau had strong support from the São Tomé and Priícipe representative, Rafael Branco, president of the Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APCI), who stressed that “Guinea-Bissau needs to be supported to launch, and the final decision was virtually unanimous.” (Macauhub)