Benguela Railroad, in Angola, intends to build an extension from Lobito to Baía Farta

15 July 2019

The construction of a railway extension between the city of Lobito and the municipality of Baía Farta is a priority project of the Benguela Railway (CFB) in Angola, said the chairman of the Management Company’s Board of Directors.

Luís Teixeira also said that the project is part of the National Transport Master Plan, and its construction would facilitate the transport of salt and fish from Baía Farta and also ensure the company’s self-sustainability.

“We want this construction project to be a reality,” said the CFB chairman, adding that from the “starting point” of the future branch line [in Lobito] to the municipality of Baía Farta, passing through Catumbela and Benguela, it will be 62 kilometres of railway line.

Teixeira also said that the line will have several stations along with four bridges of different sizes, and the final destination of the railway line will be the future Cidade do Sal, under construction in the commune of Chamume, in the district of Baía Farta, where several salt basins have already been set up.

The Angop news agency reported that when this work is approved, the government’s preference for its construction is expected to be a Chinese company, taking into account existing partnerships, for example with the China Railway 20 Bureau Group Corporation, which rebuilt the 1,334 kilometres of the Lobito to Luau railway line in the eastern Moxico province of Angola.

With a 1,344-kilometre rail line running from Lobito in Benguela to Luau in the eastern Moxico province of Angola, on the border with DR Congo, the CFB, founded on 27 November 1902, has 67 stations along its length. (Macauhub)