General Tax Administration designates 10 companies as Authorised Economic Operators

18 July 2019

Ten Angolan companies out of the 30 planned to be designated as an Authorised Economic Operator (OEA) were granted this status in the first half of this year, according to the General Tax Administration (AGT).

The OEA programme, which was approved by Presidential Decree 293/18, of 3 December, calls for a focus on speed, with expedited handling of all customs dispatches submitted to the AGT by duly certified operators for customs clearance of imported goods.

The procedure is voluntary, so the companies concerned must comply with the admission requirements, namely having an adequate administrative organisation, organised accounts, up to date tax payments no disciplinary or punitive measures equivalent to a prison sentence of more than one year.

The announcement was made on Thursday by the AGT director Inalda da Conceição, during the 2nd Meeting of the National Committee for Trade Facilitation (CNFC), which said that among the projects underway in the country focused on trade facilitation measures, the OEA is the most advanced.

The measures are the result of Angola’s membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO) and consist of simplifying customs procedures and disseminating information on imports and exports of goods. (Macauhub)