Delay in licensing leads to illegal logging in Angolan province of Kwando Kubango

2 August 2019

Delays in granting of logging licenses have contributed to an increase in illegal logging in Kwando Kubango, according to daily newspaper Jornal de Angola citing the president of the Lumberjacks Association of that province in southeastern Angola.

Joaquim Santana said that while waiting for logging licenses to be issued and with the end of the forest campaign in October, many loggers began illegal and disorderly logging of some tree species.

Two of these species, mussivi and rosewood, were closed to logging in August 2018 for a period of two years, according to the official.

“The loggers have been waiting for logging licenses since May and people are starting to get desperate because of the short time left until the end the season,” he said.

The chairman of the Lumberjacks Association also said that the situation has serious implications for Kwando Kubango’s economic development, with the loss of significant revenues from timber exploitation and sale. (Macauhub)