Cabo Verde and Angola sign agreement to avoid double taxation

8 August 2019

The governments of Cabo Verde and Angola on Thursday are due to sign a two-way agreement in Luanda to avoid double taxation and to allow for the “free movement of goods and capital,” according to official information.

Deputy Prime Minister Olavo Correia said this initiative would allow Cape Verdeans and Angolans to “move freely between the two countries,” according to the Inforpress news agency.

“The only thing we control is money laundering and the fight against terrorism,” said Olavo Correia, who is also the Finance Minister, on the sidelines of the Social Concertation Council meeting held on Tuesday in Praia, which analysed State Budget guidelines for the 2020 economic year.

The Cape Verdean minister also said that in Luanda he will talk about the experience of local authorities in Cabo Verde, which, according to him, has been “successful.”

“Cabo Verde has had an extraordinary experience since 1992 when it created democratic local power,” said the deputy prime minister, adding that this was the experience he would take to Angola. (Macauhub