Shops providing free plastic bags to customers will be fined in Macau

19 August 2019

The free offer of a plastic bag in cases not envisaged by law will be sanctioned with a fine of MOP 1,000 (US$125), according to Law no. 16/2019 on restrictions to the offer of plastic bags, published today in the official gazette.

The law takes effect on 18 November. It stipulates that each plastic bag supplied in acts of retail sale shall be charged for an amount that will be set by order of the Chief Executive.

The instrument considers two situations in which a plastic bag can be supplied free-of-charge: when associated to food products or medicines not previously wrapped and to products subject to restrictions regarding safety in hand luggage transport.

The law establishes rules for restrictions on the supply of plastic bags in acts of retail sale, the aim being to reduce their negative impact on the environment. It also stipulates that “violation of the respective collaboration duties by the retail business establishment, during the control exercise by the Department of Environmental Protection Services, is punished by a fine of MOP 10,000 (US$1,250).” (Macauhub)