Ho Iat Seng is the newly elected Chief Executive of Macau

26 August 2019

Ho Iat Seng, former President of the Legislative Assembly, was elected Chief Executive of the 5th Government of the Macau Special Administrative Region (MSAR) on Sunday, receiving 392 valid votes, or 98% of the total of 400 members of the Chief Executive Electoral Commission (CEEC).

Following the counting and confirmation of the results, Chief Executive Electoral Affairs Committee Chairman Song Man Lei announced that candidate Ho Iat Seng had secured 392 votes, more than half of the total number of votes of the members of the Electoral Commission, and was thus appointed Chief Executive of the 5th Government of the MSAR.

Speaking after the election, Ho Iat Seng thanked the members of the Electoral Commission for their trust and support. He also thanked the people of Macau and all sectors that had been focused on the election and shared their views and suggestions, as well as the media professionals, his candidacy office and his family.

The provisions of the Macau Special Administrative Region Basic Law and the Chief Executive Election Law stipulate that upon recognition of the outcome of the election by the Court of Final Appeal and its subsequent publication in the Official Gazette, the Chief Executive shall submit a report to the Central People’s Government proposing the appointment of the new Chief Executive.

Ho Iat Seng will thus be the third Chief Executive of Macau, after Edmund Ho Hau Wah and Chui Sai On, who each served two five-year terms. (Macauhub)