Ceiba Intercontinental replaces euroAtlantic as São Tomé and Príncipe airline

Equatorial Guinea’s Ceiba Intercontinental airline is STP Airways’ new partner, replacing Portugal’s euroAtlantic, said São Tomé and Principe’s Minister for Public Works, Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Environment.

Osvaldo Abreu also told Portugal’s Lusa news agency that the São Tomé and Principe government has signed a memorandum with Ceiba Intercontinental, and the handover is expected to take place next October.

The minister explained that the memorandum signed in Malabo, capital of Equatorial Guinea, by the chairman of STP Airways, António Aguiar, stipulates that Ceiba Intercontinental “will provide airplanes to the national airline, which will be operated by White Airways,” the Portuguese airline that is already the operator of Ceiba Intercontinental flights, as it is on the European Union blacklist and cannot fly to Europe.

“The deal is still being negotiated, but there is already a commitment from the parties that Ceiba Intercontinental will become the next partner of STP Airways, the flagship carrier of São Tome and Príncipe, after the withdrawal of euroAtlantic,” said Osvaldo Abreu.

The minister said that after the departure of euroAtlantic, scheduled for the end of October, Ceiba Intercontinental will provide regional and international connections to Portugal and other European countries, operated by White Airways.

Abreu said an audit was underway to value the country’s airline, which has euroAtlantic among its main shareholders, “and the position of this airline could be acquired by the São Tomé state.”

STP Airways was founded by public deed on 23 June 2008, and its shareholders are euroAtlantic Airways with 37%, São Tomé e Príncipe with 35%, Banco Equador with 14% and Golfo Internacional Air Service, with 14%. (Macauhub)