EuroAtlantic airways seeks business opportunities in South America and the Caribbean

EuroAtlantic airways will host a series of presentations in the Brazilian market, in other South American countries, and Caribbean countries in search of new business opportunities, the Portuguese airline said in a statement.

The statement said that recent ordinances from the Brazilian government, expanding opportunities for “open skies” agreements, had encouraged the board of directors to reopen contacts with partners in Brazil and, from this country, to move to other economies in South America, where the aviation industry is booming, such as Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela, as well as the Caribbean.

With this in mind, euroAtlantic airways chief executive Eugénio Fernandes plans to visit Brazil for the 47th ABAV International Tourism Expo, organised by the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies in São Paulo, from 25 to 27 September, bringing together the aviation sector’s interests with those of tour operator Sonhando, a leader in the Cuba market in Portugal.

The statement recalls that the Portuguese private airline started operating in Brazil on 20 September 2000, to mark the “Celebrations of the 200 Years of Finding Brazil”, when it offered the first intercontinental charter flight between the two countries.

EuroAtlantic airways manages and is the largest shareholder of STP Airways of São Tomé and Príncipe, connecting the country with Europe with a regular flight and the two islands of the archipelago.

The airline also has regular connections with Guinea-Bissau, as well as providing additional capacity to other airlines. (Macauhub)