Forum Macau promotes agricultural cooperation with Portuguese-speaking countries in Jiangsu

The promotion of agricultural cooperation between Jiangsu Province and the Portuguese-speaking countries was the focus of a study visit to that province by the Permanent Secretariat of Forum Macau, the institution said in a statement.

The delegation, led by Deputy Secretary-General Ding Tian, visited Lianyungang from 19 to 21 September, after a visit to Huai’an, and attended the opening of the 21st Meeting on Jiangsu Province International Cooperation on Agriculture and the Meeting on Promoting International Cooperation on Agriculture – Harnessing the Opportunities of the ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative.

This meeting was attended by over 150 personalities, including the diplomatic corps of some Portuguese-speaking countries, representatives of agricultural companies from Portuguese-speaking countries, officials from companies for agricultural investment and the import and export of agricultural products from Jiangsu and representatives of scientific and research institutions.

Ding Tian noted that following the 2011 Trade and Industrial Development Summit of Jiangsu Province, Macau and Portuguese-speaking Countries, agriculture is one of the key sectors for promoting cooperation as part of the Summit Council for Commercial and Industrial Development of Jiangsu Province, Macau and Portuguese-speaking Countries.

During this meeting, the delegates from the Portuguese-speaking countries gave presentations on the current scenario, the investment environment and preferential measures for the agriculture sector and the representatives of Jiangsu companies also gave details of their activities and cooperation with those countries.  (Macauhub)