Portugal will move ahead with free movement even without unanimity of the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries

Portugal plans to move towards bilateral free movement agreements with States in the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) if there is no unanimity within the organization, the secretary-general of the Socialist Party (PS) and prime minister of Portugal said on Wednesday in Lisbon.

António Costa, quoted by Portuguese news agency Lusa, also said that Portugal had made a mistake when it joined the Schengen agreement of the European Union without safeguarding the special ties it had with other Portuguese-speaking countries.

“I believe that the current presidency of the CPLP, held by Cabo Verde, will give a decisive push towards the free movement agreement becoming possible,” said the PS leader, addressing members of the Cape Verdean Lisbon Association, during an electoral campaign action by his party.

Last June, the Portuguese Foreign Minister said that the future mobility system in the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries would require short-term visas because of the EU Schengen agreement, which only exempts Brazil and Timor-Leste.

The minister stressed, however, that in the case of long-term stays “for purposes of study, work or business (…) the current provisions are of a national nature and Portugal is available to follow the regime of maximum freedom of circulation within the CPLP.” (Macauhub)