Mozambican government changes criteria for awarding public works

11 October 2019

The technical capacity of competing companies is now crucial for the award of public works contracts in Mozambique as part of a strategy to ensure quality and keep to deadlines in project execution, the Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources recently said.

João Machatine, speaking in the Moamba district of Maputo province, also said that the ministry is working on amending the regulation currently in force, which, in a tender, favors the tenderer that submits the lowest-cost bid.

The decision includes the establishment of reference prices for each type of project, which will end in situations where a tender with certain terms of reference is launched, but at the time of the tender bids will appear with values outside those set as indicators.

The minister, quoted by Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias, explained that this leads to proposals that are cost-effective but result in the poor quality of the projects being executed, or even non-compliance with deadlines.

Machatine explained that the reference prices will oblige contractors to use their technical capacity as an asset to make their proposals viable, as from a financial point of view there will be no significant differences.

Machatine, who was speaking at a meeting with farmers, added that, for roads, other changes to the awarding mechanisms have already been introduced, so in future any contractor that builds or recovers a roadway must provide a guarantee of two or three years, and only receives the last payment for the work after this period has expired. (Macauhub)