Macau is committed to promoting cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries

Macau is committed to building the Trade Cooperation Services Platform between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries, a task it was given by the central government, the Secretary for Economy and Finance said recently in Lisbon, Portugal.

Leong Vai Tac also said that this commitment translates into the support given to companies to “invest abroad” to base themselves in Portugal and to enter the market of other Portuguese-speaking countries.

The statements were made during a meeting with more than a dozen representatives of mainland China and Macaucompanies investing in Portugal, as well as Portuguese companies investing in Macau.

The Secretary for Economy and Finance said that Hong Kong and Macau have unique advantages in the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay and that the Sino-Lusophone Macau platform plays an important role in the development of the Greater Bay.

This development, Leong Vai Tac said, follows three trajectories – Chinese companies going to Portugal via the Macau platform, then from there to the European Union, going to Brazil through the same platform, and then to Latin America and also through Macau, entering Africa.

The secretary also held meetings with the Governor of the Bank of Portugal, Carlos da Silva Costa, and Euronext Lisbon director Isabel Ucha, as well as with other personalities, to exchange views on various topics.

Among the topics discussed were the strengthening of economic and trade exchanges between Portugal and Macau, cooperation in building the financial services platform and taking advantage of the Macau platform to help Chinese companies enter European Union countries through Portugal, the promotion of the construction of the Services Platform for Trade Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries and the Financial Services Delivery Platform between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries. (Macauhub)