Cabo Verde travel and tourism agencies launch project for ‘House of Cabo Verde’ in Asia

23 October 2019

The Association of Cabo Verde Travel and Tourism Agencies (AAVTCV) has signed a protocol with its Macau counterpart that should lead to the opening of a ‘House of Cabo Verde,’ to promote the culture of the country in the region the president of the Cape Verdean association told Macauhub.

Mário Sanches, speaking on the sidelines of the Macau International Fair (MIF), said that the protocol with the Macau Travel Agency Association (AAVM) aims to support the “promotion and construction of Cabo Verde as a tourist destination.”

In the first phase, AAVM will provide a technical assistance programme that enables AAVTCV associates to be trained in Macau.

In the future, the aim is to “open the House of Cabo Verde in Asia,” representing the culture of the African country, and whose revenues will go to the Association, in order to help build the country as a tourist destination.

The agreement includes AAVM’s financial support for the representation of its Cape Verdean counterpart in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay area, according to Sanches.

The AAVTCV chairman also said his Macau counterpart, businessman Alex Lau, is developing a project to create a “Greater Bay Village” where Cabo Verde will be represented.

“This will bring us closer to achieving the goal, and this protocol represents another door opening for the promotion of Cabo Verde in Asia,” said Sanches.  (Macauhub)