Macau and Shanghai have “great complementarity” in relations with Portuguese-speaking countries

Shanghai City’s trade with Portuguese-speaking countries reached US$10 billion in 2018, said the president of the Macau Institute for Trade and Investment Promotion (IPIM), according to whom that city and Macau show have “great complementarity” in this cooperation.

Irene Lau, speaking on Wednesday in Shanghai at a presentation of the Macau Service Platform for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and the Portuguese-speaking Countries, said Macau, “as a trade services platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries is welcoming unprecedented development opportunities that are beneficial to all parties within the framework of economic and trade cooperation.”

In addition to trade, the IPIM president said, “various investment projects are underway” in all these countries, demonstrating that “there is a great deal of complementarity between the parties,” and that “with the Macau platform, cooperation and interaction will be deepened and broadened.”

IPIM led the delegation of over 100 businesspeople from the trade, convention and exhibition, financial, industrial and professional services sectors to the 2nd China International Import Exhibition.

The purpose of participation, Lau said, is “to strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation relations between Chinese cities and provinces, such as Shanghai, and Portuguese-speaking countries, in order to boost the construction of the China-Portuguese-Speaking Countries platform.” (Macauhub)