Sonangol, ENI and Total groups plan to prospect for oil in the Namibe and Benguela basins, in Angola

14 November 2019

Angola’s National Oil, Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANPG) has approved proposals presented by the Sonangol, ENI and Total groups for oil exploration in the Namibe and Benguela sea basins, during the session to open public tender proposals held on Wednesday in Luanda.

The jury, chaired by Hermenegildo Buila (ANPG) that also includes Cármen Canjungo (Ministry of Mineral Resources and Oil) and Pedro Marques (Ministry of Finance), validated three of the four registered proposals. The proposal presented by Pago Technical Group, Lda, was found to have non-conformities in the forms that were filled out.

ANPG director Natacha Massano said that from now on the companies will be qualified and the proposals evaluated until 28 December, to start the negotiation process, which will end with the signing of the concession contracts on 30 April 2020.

The tender for the exploration of the Namibe and Benguela sea basins comprises 10 blocks, with an area of approximately 55,387.88 square kilometres.

The ANPG also reported that it would continue to implement the Government’s strategy for granting concessions in 2020, which covers a total of nine blocks, three from the Congo onshore basin (CON1, CON5 and CON6) and six from the Kwanza onshore basin (KON5, KON6, KON8, KON9, KON17 and KON20). (Macauhub)