Cabo Verde will in time become a developed country, says minister for Maritime Economy

6 December 2019

The government of Cabo Verde has put in place a set of actions that aim to make the archipelago a developed country, and the next step is to achieve an average income of medium to medium-high, the country’s Maritime Economy Minister, José Gonçalves said in Praia on Thursday.

The minister was speaking at the opening ceremony of an economic forum entitled, “Sea and innovation, drivers of the global economy,” organised by the Portuguese Agency for Foreign Trade and Investment in partnership with the Embassy of Portugal in Cabo Verde, as part of the celebrations for the 5th centenary of the circumnavigation of the globe by Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan, held in Praia.

Gonçalves noted the impact that the circumnavigation had in the context of the discoveries of new worlds, of which Cabo Verde was also a part, as an obligatory stop at that time, stressing that the current government is committed to investing in setting up conditions with a view to recovering the central importance of Cabo Verde in the Mid Atlantic.

He noted the importance of the creation of a Special Area for the Maritime Economy and the Campus of the Sea in São Vicente, with a view to fostering Cabo Verde’s central role in the Mid Atlantic, according to Cape Verdean news agency Inforpress.

The economic forum will cover topics that are currently on the international agenda, including knowledge and technology, the oceans and climate change and its main aim is to identify business opportunities and partnerships between companies and entities from both Portugal and Cabo Verde. (macauhub)